Thirsty Thursday. On WordPress Wednesday.

From the desk of Alisa McCulloch, Realtor®

What’s your go-to thirst quencher?

Water. Sparkling water. Flavored water. Energy water. So many options!

I have not always been a fan of  water other than regular old water or… (let’s leave the jokes about water brewed with hops and barley for another post.) Bottled water, fine. Tap water with tons of ice, great. Anything else to me was so pointless! Bubbly water with not much flavor??? Why?? And “energy” drinks…my energy comes from a) waking up early to get the day rolling and b) coffee. My daily workout helps immensely as well, but I can’t always get that in first thing.IMG-1102

Queue the random new year resolution, well into the new year.  [Call it a nutrition goal.] I recently decided to start drinking more water.  Not for any particular reason, other than it’s important to stay hydrated & I don’t like the feeling of “end of day bloat.” That said, I quickly realized it is super boring drinking plain water all the time. I know it’s good for you and all that. But sometimes I just want something bubbly & crisp!

Enter bubbly sparkling water. (Admittedly I got hooked on this by mixing it with other things. Again let’s save that for another post.) I quite enjoy pouring a sparkly flavored water into my Yeti with ice. I feel refreshed, happy; it’s a lovely pick-me-up. My go-to flavors are blueberry/pomegranate by Kroger;


Waterloo’s Watermelon & Polar Seltzer Vanilla Orange.  Black Cherry is OK but sometimes can taste like Robitussin if you get a weird brand.


Moving on. Other days, when I’m feeling a bit sluggish, I need a bit of a boost.  But–I don’t like to drink coffee in the afternoon.  Coffee for me is my morning ritual. A cuppa joe, a quiet chair. The dog in my lap. These are my mornings. I need something different later on. Enter BANG! My favorite “energy” drink. I despise high-sugar energy drinks… they keep you buzzing for 10 minutes and then you crash… no thanks!! I prefer Bang as it’s loaded with BCAAs, which I love to drink during/after my workouts; plus it has zero everything… no calories, no carbs, no sugar, nothing except caffeine, creatine, some vitamins and aminos to keep me focused and energized! Bang-Full-Label-slider1400x900

And along the same lines– I discovered REIGN total body fuel recently as well, and it’s a superb option when Bang isn’t available. Reign also has lots of electrolytes, so this one is a great choice for my post-workout drink!! 7B792817-E362-44AE-A838-89D560987DAF

I will say that in my journey to increase my water intake, it has helped tremendously to have additional choices besides just regular water. I feel it’s an added bonus too, because my taste buds aren’t bored & I feel like my mind/body are getting more “fun” fuel now than they were previously.  (Note: I’m not suggesting I only drink these kinds of energy drinks & water instead of eating food for fuel. I eat a ton of food. Once again let’s save that for another post. ) If you’re like me, and you’re considering upping your water intake, I highly recommend taking a few of these products into consideration. Let me know what you think. Bottoms up!!


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