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It’s amazing how the dull, drab browns and grays of winter quickly disappear into a burst of color.  Spring is here, at last!

Decorating my porch and/or patio is not my strong suit.  I have a black thumb, but I still try to include flowers because I love the splash of color they add to anything.  I’m always looking for inspiration. The ideas below are from the homebnc.com site.  There are so many amazing ideas on the site.  Some are simple:

And some are a little more involved:

With a busy schedule, it’s hard sometimes for me to keep up with the seasons.  I try to keep things simple on my front porch, and found this idea for three cute little rabbits.

rabbit inspiration

First, I had to create the pattern.  The first step was figuring out how tall.  My scroll saw has limitations, so I made the largest rabbit 18 inches tall.  The middle rabbit was ¾ that size (13 ½ inches) and the smallest rabbit was ½ of the largest rabbit (9 inches).  To keep it symmetrical, I drew one half of each of the three rabbits, then flipped it over to make the actual pattern.

I traced the patterns onto ¾” birch plywood and cut the pieces out using my scroll saw. The noses were just simple triangles and they were cut from 1/8” birch.  The pieces were sanded with my favorite “mouse” sander.  I glued the three rabbits together to make a more sturdy base using Titebond Original Wood Glue.

The rabbits are painted white, the noses pink and the whiskers and eyes black using DecoAmericana paint (Titanium White for the bodies, Petal Pink for the noses and Lamp Black for the eyes and whiskers).  For a protective finish I used water-based acrylic varnish (satin).  My favorite is J. W. Etc.’s Right Step.  Then I added ribbon bows to add a little color. The wood glue was used to attach the bows to the rabbits.

Rabbits are finished

I added the rabbits to my front porch with pots of flowers and I’m ready for spring.

bunnies on the porch

Watch out bunnies … there’s a fox lurking.

For more amazing ideas, click on the links below:





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