The back porch.

Could be one of those amazingly HGTV-worthy havens with all the twinkle lights & ambiance. (Probably not though.)

Could be kinda shabby with some old doormats & muddy toys, but still feels like a nice place to hang out. (Most likely.)

If you’re ridden with wood rot and overgrown weeds, you’ll probably want to shape it up come spring. (More on that in a few months! It’s almost winter…let sleeping dogs lie.)

In my business as a real estate photographer, I get to see every kind of back porch out there. Back porches that look like front porches; back porches with pergolas; porches with firepits; porches with doghouses, soccer goals, blowup pools, empty beer bottles… you name it, I’ve seen it! (I tend not to photograph the beer bottles.)

I wanted to share some of my most recent porch-pics.  Take a look at what’s similar & what’s different. Back porches help to define a home; to give it some character; to create a mental image for potential buyers to envision it as their own.