Sunday Funday: weekend wallpaper project

Maybe you’re sleeping in. Maybe you’re heading to the gym.  Or to brunch.

Or maybe you want to take on a little home DIY project: WALLPAPER!

I came across a great article on today & I wanted to share… along with some amazing photos to ogle, it’s full of ideas on how wallpaper can transform a room.  These tasks range from easy (done in a day) to moderately intense, and includes ballpark pricing & whether to hire a professional.

Check it out, and enjoy your Sunday, however you choose to spend it!


LAUNDRY MAKEOVER! before & after.

So, if you remember a few weeks back, we decided to give the laundry room a facelift. (See the original post here!!  I wanted to get it done in a day or 2, but life happens (and laundry gets piled to the moon) and so although it took a bit longer than I’d hoped, I’m happy with the results!

Let me remind you of the “before” shot:


And take a look at the “after”:


OK! So here’s what we did:

  • we went to Lowe’s home improvement to buy some unfinished cabinets, a metal hanging rod, some peel & stick backsplash tile & a hook rack
  • after installing the cabinets & the rod, I painted the cabinets (Valspar Woodlawn Snow) & hung the backsplash, and only had to make a few cuts around the outlets. This was a pretty painless job, but the most time consuming. (I used 32 squares.)
  • finished the project by painting the rest of the room (Olympic Stormy Weather) & then hung the hooks.

I will add a cute little “laundry” sign or something, as well as our family calendar & some hangers, but I am excited about the transformation! And all for about $350.  Not too shabby.

It’s FRIYAY: Quick & Easy DIY!

It’s easy to get stressed out just hearing the word “renovation.” You’re instantly thinking of having your home life disrupted by construction debris, cluttered rooms, and loud noises.
But you don’t have to spend a ton of money and brace yourself for months of inconvenience to upgrade your home. Here are a few projects that you can knock out in a single day, and they’ll greatly improve the look and enjoyment of your home.
Paint or replace an exterior door: If you know the correct dimensions and specifications for a replacement door, replacing an exterior door is a quick and easy job. That’s even more true if you’re repainting it. Preparation and a few coats of paint will only take a few hours.
Plant some low-maintenance trees: Young evergreen trees are relatively simple to plant, and after some heavy watering in the first few weeks, they’re very easy to maintain. They’ll add some color and texture to your landscaping, instantly improving curb appeal.
New light fixtures: Whether they’re on the interior or exterior of your home, something as subtle as light textures can have a dramatic effect. Swapping out traditional fixtures for something modern or industrial can completely transform a room.
New hardware: Drawer pulls and door knobs are easy to change out, and like light fixtures, they have a big impact. You’d be amazed how your kitchen or bathroom could look with new hardware.



Happy New Year, Y’all!!!

So now it’s 2017 & everyone is making resolutions.  I personally don’t make resolutions because in years past they never stuck, and I figure why not just keep trying to be a better human every day (ie: make good choices, learn from mistakes, try not to go insane) rather than set a bunch of unattainable goals just because a sparkly ball dropped down a pole?

OK. Anyway, one thing that often goes overlooked is resolving to make changes in, and to, your home!  I don’t mean, complete demolition & rebuild. (Unless it’s in your plans and you have the cashflow.) I mean, small things from maintenance (have you had your HVAC serviced lately?) to undesirable chores (when’s the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan blades?) Resolving to do some kind of job, chore, upfit, downgrade, replacement, repair is a great way to save yourself $$ in the long run, but also it gets things DONE, and there’s nothing greater than the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!

Today we decided to give our laundry “room” a bit of a facelift.  Our laundry room is tiny; about 4×6. It’s tight.  Moreover, it doubles as the entry area from the garage into the house, so it’s also sort of a mud-area/wet stuff drop zone.  But if you’re trying to move a load from the washer to the dryer and someone walks in from the garage and nails you in the buns with the door… let’s just say, I wish we had more space.  But knocking down walls isn’t in the plan right now. So we need to create some storage and maybe gain a few inches.

Currently, our laundry room looks like this:img_3528

One long wire rack is all we have for storage.  Not gonna cut it anymore.  So we spent some time on New Year’s Day at Lowe’s Home Improvement grabbing some supplies to create new spaces.

I’m drawing inspiration from the following:

It’s not going to look as polished as these do, but it will certainly be a better solution than our current one.