AUTUMN decor: the Front Porch

Fall is a perfect time to think about curb appeal.  Even if you’re not going to sell your house, you should always want your home to look it’s best.  How excited do you get to decorate the front porch (or, if you don’t have a porch, even just the front door!) when it’s finally autumn?!

So for us here in the south, it pretty much *just* turned fall.  (As we like to say, HAPPY FALL Y’ALL!)  It’s the first week of October & the weather is cooperating — cool at night & mornings, nice and warm during the day. It makes you want to get out all your autumn decor & get to work!

I’m a huge fan of a big, simple item (like a wreath or a door hanger) with some smaller items around to accessorize.  Others love to go all-in and let fall explode over their exterior– to each their own!!

I found these front-porch how-tos for some inspiration… hopefully you can get some ideas from here, and let your front porch celebrate!!

HGTV: Fall’s Best Porches & Patios

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Good Housekeeping: Fall Porch Decor



Architecture Art Designs: 30 Adorable DIY front porches




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